Skittles... Kind of Like Addiction

Skittles makes me sick. Like, even though I love the taste of them, they literally make me sick; even just one.

Kind of like addiction...

And sure enough, the more I eat, the sicker I get.

I used to keep Skittles in my pockets, and because they were there; close to me and ever so accessible, I would constantly snack on them. So needless to say, I felt horrible all the time.

Don't get me wrong, I've tried to stop eating them many many times, but I seemed to always go back.

Sometimes I'd take some of them out of my pockets, thinking that if I just eat less of them, I'd be OK. But the fact was, I craved them. Having just a few on hand made me just want them even more. It was very frustrating and I was miserable.

Then one day it dawned on me—If I don't have any Skittles, I won't eat them. Still, I found this to be easier said than done.

It took a long time time fully clean out my pockets. They were deep and could hold a lot of Skittles. I had to dig and dig to get them all. It was hard, too, because the entire time I was digging them out I was thinking about how bad I would miss them, and wondering how I would ever survive without them.

But, I did it anyway.

I didn't stop at my pockets, either. I went through everything; my car and my home, and I looked in all the nooks and crannies. I cleaned out all my hiding places, especially the ones no one else knew about. Because I knew that if I didn't, in moments of weakness I would seek out those leftover Skittles and eat them, and it wouldn't matter how strong I resolved not to, because the temptation was always stronger than my will to resist.

I even got a friend to remind me how sick the Skittles made me, and if I ever got a single one, I’d hand it over to Him immediately. He helped me avoid them as if it were the plague.

The miracle? I no longer crave them.

For me now, the joy of not feeling sick is so much better then the taste of the Skittles.